Company Membership

As a company member, your organization will have access to information on recognized and promising chemical engineering processes and methods and other resources Connect with a network of resourceful experts in all fields of chemical engineering, advertise your organization for free, and discounted training opportunities for your staff.

  • Discount on all trainings provided by the NSChE
  • Front row seat for your representative at all our events
  • Full access to CareerCentral, an online meeting point for employers and those seeking jobs
  • Full access to BusinessConnect, an online market place for products and services. Members advertise for free in the basic category
  • Free subscription to the NSChE Journal, the leading publication on the latest trends in chemical engineering research and development
  • Discounts for NSChE organized events -Conferences, seminars, training, etc.
  • Free copies of the NSChE Newsletter
  • Reduced rates on advertisements, flyer inserts, and partner publishers' journals and books in our hard copy publications