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Improving professional skills of chemical engin

29/08/2010 Dr. E.M Okonkwo Education Workshop 2010 dgs_address_sept_2010.doc

2011 Fellows Confab communique 

October 6, 2011 NSChE Fellows Confab fellows_confab_communique_2011.pdf

2011 National Conference and AGM Communique

November 12, 2011 communique_issued_at_the_end_of_the_41st_annual_co
STRATEGY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PETROCHEMICALS 6/09/2012 Professor Abiola Kehinde International Petrochemicals Workshop prof._kehinde_-_petrochemicals_paper.doc
REMARKS BY THE HONOURABLE MINISTER OF TRADE AND IN 9/06/2012 OLUSEGUN AGANGA International Petrochemicals Workshop remarks_by_hmti_chem_soc22222.doc
TOWARDS A PETROCHEMICAL STRATEGY FOR NIGERIA 06/09/2012 DR. IHEANYI OHIEARI International Petrochemicals Workshop petrochemicals_strategy_for_nigeria22222.pdf
Resource improvement financing: The petrochemicals 06/09/2012 STANBIC IBTC International Petrochemicals Workshop stanbic_nsche_presentation_v_final.pdf
Chairman's Opening Remarks, NSChE Petrochemicals W 06/09/2012 Dr. Thomas John NSChE Petrochemicals Workshop chairman's_opening_remarks,_nsche_petrochemicals_w
The complimentary roles of the public and private Engr. Alex Ogedegbe NSChE Petrochemicals Workshop engr._ogedegbe's_paper_at_petrochemical_workshop.d
CASHLESS ECONOMY: THE WAY FORWARD October 11, 2012 Adeyinka Adeyemi NSChE Fellows Confab 2012 nsce_retreat_2012_[compatibility_mode].pdf
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