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NSChE Highlight
1.INTRODUCTION On behalf of the Board of Directors and Council of NSChE , I have the pleasure of welcoming the members of the Press , the 4th Estate of the Realm to this Press Conference. It is my privilege and honour to address this august gathering this evening. As a Society, we are very conscious of the critical role which the media plays in shaping the public opinion in any society. We therefore take seriously our relationship with the Media organisations for which reason we hold periodic press interactions such as this. I hope that our discussion and exchange of ideas today will be fruitful and contribute towards ensuring increased awareness of the critical role which the Chemical Engineering profession is capable of playing in our quest for harnessing our numerous abundant natural resources for economic developmentof our country. 2. NSChE HISTORY , VISION AND OBJECTIVES NSChE is a Division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers which was established over four decades ago by a Group of Chemical Engineers who trained abroad at that time. The Society has since grown into a strong professional body and has been contributing towards the industrialisation of our country. The choice of our activities is informed by our Vision which states as follows: “To be the center of excellence for the Chemical Profession in Africa and the prime mover of industrialisation in Nigeria” Some of the objectives of the Society include the following: • Generally , to foster and promote the Chemical Engineering in theory and practiceand enhance the usefulness of the profession to the public. • To establish and maintain standards of professional ethics among its members in order that the public interest may be served and protected. • To maintain a body immediately available for consultation with confidence by public and private institutions, particularly the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ,the State governments or any other accredited agent on matters pertaining to the profession of Chemical Engineering. 3.ROLE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING While Chemical Engineering is well known for its role in the Oil and Gas Industry, the profession is by far more versatile. Chemical Engineering is the real driver in the Chemical Process Industry which essentially involves conversion of any primary material such as mineral , chemical or agricultural material into either intermediate or end products like cement, soap and detergent, fertilizer, sugar , flour , beverages paints, vegetable oils ,cosmetics, toothpaste etc. As a matter of fact, no nation can truly claim to have developed if they are engaged in mere trading activities. True development comes through establishment of a robust manufacturing base which creates a window of opportunities including creation of jobs and other economic benefits. 4. ANNUAL CONFERENCE NSChE has maintained a tradition of holding the Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting and this year, we are holding the 46th Edition.The Conference is normally rotated among the different centres of Chemical Engineering activities called Chapters across the country. For example last year , the Conference was hosted by Edo/ Delta States Chapter at Warri. This year , the Conference is being hosted by the FCT/Nasarawa State Chapter here in Abuja while we look forward to Rivers/Bayelsa States Chapter hosting the event in 2017 at Port-Harcourt. The theme of this year’s conference is “DEVELOPMENT AND OPTIMIZATION OF NIGERIA’S SOLID MINERAL SECTOR FOR NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROWTH: THE ROLE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.” You will agree with me that considering the economic situation and the prevailing reality in the Oil and Gas sector this is a very important topic and apt. We shall during the course of this Conference try to deal with the topic to the best of our ability with a view to contributing our own quota towards the diversification of the country’s economy which is key to our economic survival, stability and growth. The Chairman of the Conference opening ceremony is one of our own, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, FNSChE, FAEng, Hon. Minister of Science and Technology .The Keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Kayode Fayemi , Hon. Minister of Solid Minerals while the Guest Speaker is Hajiya Aisha Abubakar, Hon. Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment.The lead Paper will be presented by Mr D V G Edwin Executive Director(Strategy, Portfolio Development & Capital Projects)of Dangote Industries Limited. Other important Papers which have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum delivery will be presented.We invite you all to the opening Ceremony taking place at this Center tomorrow Friday 18th November at 11:00 am. 5. SOLID MINERAL DEPOSITS IN NIGERIA Ladies and Gentlemen, I now wish to present to you a brief summary on Solid Mineral Deposits in Nigeria: According to the information provided by Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, Currently, there are 44 Solid Minerals buried and spread in various quantities across the FCT and the 36 States of the Federation waiting to be exploited. As recent as August , 2016 Nickel was found in Kaduna State. I believe that more discoveries will be made in due course. The Mineral deposits available are as follows: i Clay and Granite are available in all the 36 states andFCT. ii Coal is available in 13 States with indicated and proven reserves of 3 Billion tons and 600Million tons respectively. iii Limestone is available in 8 States with indicated and proven reserves of 2.3 trillion metric tons and 568 Million tonsrespectively. iv Gold is available in 7 States v Iron Ore is available in 5 States withan estimated reserve of 3 Billion tons. Talc , Silica and Bentonite are also available in 5 States. Vi. Minerals available in 4 or more States include Lead , Mica, tantalite, barite, Zinc, Kaolin and Dolomite. vii Some of the other minerals available include Barite, Feldspar, Ilmenite, Fluorite, Lithium, Phosphate etc
Date published: 2016-11-19 00:00:00

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